St. Petersburg student hung a flag of the LGBT at school, police will check (video)

In the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg erupted rainbow scandal. Two Schoolgirls of school № 511 hung up the LGBT flag at an educational institution, as reported in the social reports.

“Daughter went for a walk, took pictures at school 511 and posted on the school website. The result — calls and threats some article on the part of the teacher,” wrote a lady in social networks.

the incident confirmed in the sector of regional administration.

“According to the CCTV cameras installed on the territory of the school № 511, it is clear that yesterday two girls came to the educational institution and hung the flag on the flagpole. Then photographed it and disappeared. The banner hung near a school building not more than 5 minutes, as was quickly discovered by security and dismantled,” — said the head of branch Vladimir Levers.

According to him, one of the students managed to identify. She and her parents will meet with the school Director.

“the Information will be sent to the Commission on Affairs of minors. On the presence or absence in this act of crime will be dealt with law enforcement, the school administration has appealed to the police,” said the administration.

Users in social networks are divided into two camps. Someone thought this student could Express the need for tolerance, or their own problems, bullying at school. Others, however, sharply condemned the students for the promotion of non-traditional values.

Meanwhile, in the new Constitution enshrines the concept of marriage as the Union of a man and woman. According to human rights activists, it exacerbates the situation of LGBT persons in the country.

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