St. Petersburg surprised by the willingness of visitors of cafe

In St. Petersburg cafes and restaurants were allowed to serve guests on the terraces. Institutions put tables on the sidewalk, but not everywhere for this there are suitable conditions.

residents of the city are surprised that the visitors are ready to sit with the ballot boxes and parked cars.

“Sit, resting in an urn and gutter, eat garbage. Well with the people was,” surprised citizens.

“the Elitism and pret — note the users in social networks. — Regularly see here is a recreation: dine their clients and then on the fence of the garden is located by the picnic vagrants drunks, sometimes with a cultural program in the form of discordant singing. The administration even does not occur turnut drunkards. Rare disrespectful to their customers, they are just cash cows. Clients are also good to eat in this shithole — not to respect themselves”.

in addition, St. Petersburg noted that the distance between tables is often significantly less than the required five feet. It is not only unsafe conditions in the distribution COVID-19, but also interfere with harvesting equipment.

Recall, and outdoor cafes operate in the city for almost a month. The authorities introduced a simplified procedure of obtaining permits for the placement of tables on the street. In the first days of open terraces, the citizens expressed dissatisfaction with outdoor furniture blocks the sidewalks, impeding pedestrian traffic.

another wave of protest rose in the street Rubinstein. Its inhabitants complain of the regulars who defecate in nearby doorways, smoke and noise under the Windows.

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