St. Petersburg theatres are outraged by the principle of budget allocation

artists sent another appeal to the Governor of St. Petersburg with the requirement to reconsider results of competition of the Committee on culture and Finance of non-state theatres, find themselves without support. The text of the appeal, which was signed by 633 representative of the sphere of culture, laid out in the network.

we are Talking about the competitive selection for the provision in 2020 subsidies to socially-oriented NGOs in the field of culture and art, the results of which failed on July 21. The most famous non-state theatres of the Northern capital, among which the St.-Petersburg City theatre “Osobnyak” theatre-post, Karlsson Haus, Teatro Di Capua, “Theater of Generations”, the AKHE theater, the “Theatre laboratory Yana Tuminas” and others, has completely withdrawn its financial support.

the Authors — people’s artist of Russia Anna aleksakhina and Igor Volkov, the main Director of Aleksandrinsky theatre Nikolay Roshchin, Dean of drama faculty LISI Eugene Tropp and chair of the Department of dramatic art LISI Veniamin Filshtinsky. They note that the results of the competition “caused a profound misunderstanding of the theater community”.

“the Problem is not the lack of subsidies allocated to the funds, but the logic of their distribution, write in communication. Along with zero support, non-governmental theatres is detected, the amount of 5 224,5 662 rubles allocated for the online festival for the 125th anniversary of Esenin Fund of development of culture “Harmony”. Is an unprecedented amount of 14 million rubles for one-time screening of “Theatrical fashion show” Autonomous non-commercial organization “Institute of cultural and humanitarian projects”?”

Among the recipients of budget support was the military-Patriotic club “Alexander Nevsky and the Izhora land” and its founder, the social organization of culture and the arts “Academy of wanderings”, which vydelili 55 million rubles.

“In the past, the creative outputs of these organizers, receiving 55 million rubles in the current difficult economic situation (for example, “Three little pigs” and “the adventures of Pinocchio”), cannot be considered to be, diplomatically speaking, so momentous for the cultural capital to move to their side the balance of funding and to create a serious threat of extinction creative teams,” say the artists, stressing that the recipients have no reputation in the professional environment.

the Authors also called on the city authorities with great attention to the selection of experts for the evaluation of creative teams for grants. Now the selection procedure of recipients of municipal support is opaque.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the leaders of non-governmental theatres Beglov asked to review the results of the competition.

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