St. Petersburg was named

the Evening of 9 June in “Lakhta Center” was hit several times by lightning. St. Petersburg was posted in social networks photos and videos of natural phenomena.

“So this is the tower of Mordor! Everything is fine! No one was hurt,” wrote the user.

Some felt that the skyscraper will then need to “repair a billion rubles from the city budget”. Humor is not supported by all the: commenter was advised to study the question, how do the lightning rods.

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Lightning @lakhtacenter #thunderstormhunter

Publish from Arseny Vesnin (@arseny.vesnin)

9 Jun 2020 at 8:51 am PDT

Recall that the inclement weather had suddenly overtaken by Petersburgers in the evening, while the afternoon was Sunny and warm. Local residents posted pictures and videos of the darkened sky, heavy rain, large pieces of hail. As a result, suffered even glass, as reported by their owners.

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