The prefect of police will be heard before the Culture and Laws Committee of the Senate at 10:00 a.m., then will follow, from 2:30 p.m., several officials of the French Football Federation (FFF): Philippe Diallo, vice-president, Florence Hardouin, Managing Director, Erwan Le Prévost, Director of Institutional Relations, and Didier Pinteaux, Security Manager.

Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotheram will also be heard at 4:00 p.m. He himself was present at the Stade de France and was the victim of pickpockets.

They will be questioned about the scenes of chaos and the incidents that broke out on the sidelines of this match won by Real Madrid against Liverpool (1-0).

Spectators without tickets who climb the gates, supporters and families sprayed with tear gas, other victims of robberies or assaults: the device for maintaining order during the most important match of the season in Europe made since the hotly debated in France and England.

The hearing of the prefect and the officials comes after that, on June 1, of the Ministers of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra and of the Interior Gérald Darmanin.

The latter, who has incriminated British supporters since the start of the controversy, believing that they are largely responsible for the incidents, had, before the senators, apologized to Liverpool supporters for “the great damage, especially to children” caused by tear gas.

But he had at the same time maintained his version, much criticized, on the number of counterfeit tickets, reaffirming that “35,000” supporters with counterfeit tickets or without a ticket had presented themselves at the Stade de France.

“Several tickets were duplicated hundreds of times,” he also said. According to the latest figures released, the FFF and UEFA have currently assessed the number of “counterfeit tickets scanned” at “2,800”.

– Complaints in England –

Gérald Darmanin had assured that he had “asked for sanctions” from the prefect of police for two members of the police, guilty according to him of using tear gas “contrary to the rules of use”.

The two administrative investigations that will make it possible to decide on these sanctions are “in progress”, the minister’s entourage told AFP on Wednesday.

Two reports had been sent to the IGPN, the French “police of the police”, had also indicated the minister, without further details.

British supporters who are victims of offenses can for their part file a complaint with the French courts via a dedicated form available since Monday on the website of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom. This form must then be sent by post to the public prosecutor of Bobigny, on which the Stade de France depends.

The French authorities have not yet provided figures on the number of reports received via this form.

The Liverpool club had asked its supporters present on site to share their experience of the meeting, very quickly collecting thousands of responses on its testimonial collection platform.

Real Madrid, for its part, asked on June 3 for “answers” on the treatment inflicted on its supporters during the final and called for “determining who are responsible” for the chaotic scenes at the Stade de France.