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Star Wars IX : revealed in the new trailer for The Ascent of Skywalker

Scheduled for December 18, the next Star Wars: The Ascent of Skywalker, will conclude the story of the legendary family of Jedi. It is in any case the promise made by the director of this ninth episode, J..J Abrahms ( The awakening of the Force ). And the new trailer released on the occasion of the D23 Disney is not going to prove him wrong.

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the first half of The trailer is only made up of the strongest moments of all the previous aspects. The scenes of the introduction of the legendary trio, Luke, Leila and Han opened the trailer. Led by the voice in off of Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) ensues, in a jumble, the transition of Anakin to the dark side, the millenium Falcon, the battle between Darth Vader and his son… As if this trailer wanted to remind us of what has made the success of the franchise through the ages.

It is necessary to wait more than a minute to be entitled to unknown scenes. With stunning images. The arrival of the fleet defiant, the presentation of the vessels of the First Order in the night swept briefly by a flash of lightning, the beginning of the fight between Rey and Kylo on the edge of a cliff… But it is not these elements that have marked, even shocked, the fans of star wars .

Nostalgia when you hold us

The highlight of the trailer is undoubtedly its end. The voice of emperor Palpatine sounds, the breathing mythical Darth Vader is heard and then Rey, dressed in black and wielding a double-bladed lightsaber red in the manner of Darth Maul ( The phantom menace ) appears and closes the teaser. A countless number of questions and theories rolling in since the discovery of this sequence. A protégé of Luke is she really gone to the dark side of the Force? Does it play the comedy? Kylo Ren is he really the villain of the trilogy? How is income the emperor? Is it related to Rey?

These issues might revive interest in this sequel. But the episode VIII, the last of The Jedi, , which has received more than mixed reviews from the public, has showered this hope. The biggest fans of the saga do not believe in more, or more truly, and accuse Disney of using nostalgia to sell their film.

“You have more pictures of the previous films and the new… this In itself is very telling… I will not go see it”

“You only had one job and you blew it”

“”Let the past die. Kill him if necessary.’ Except if you need nostalgia to sell products that are seemingly”

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The Ascent of Skywalker will be the ninth episode of the saga of The Star wars , and close on December 18 the trilogy initiated in 2015 by The Awakening of the Force . Disney has already announced six new film Star Wars which will land on screens from 2022. Remains to know if the firm is big ears are going to really wake this made the Strength of the saga, intergalactic.

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