“It’s hard to believe, but the filming of the episode IX is done today”. Friday, director J. J. Abrams has shared on the social networks a photo of the actors featured in the last trilogy of the universe Star Wars , to accompany his message of thanks. He had already worked with the team during the creation of episode VII, The Awakening of the Force , released in 2015, before handing over the reins to Rian Johnson for the realization of the Last of the Jedi in 2017. Return to the commands of the ninth aspect, his shooting was started on August 1, 2018 in the studios in Pinewood in London.

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“Nothing could let me thank to its fair value, with the film crew and actors truly magical. I will be forever indebted,” wrote J. J. Abrams, visibly moved. On the photo he shared, the trio featured in the last trilogy: Daisy Riley, the translator of Rey who will deposit the sabre after this final episode, and Oscar Isaac who embodies Poe Dameron to the screen, hug with emotion their classmate’s John Boyega. The latter, which is known under the name of Finn from the beginning of the trilogy, has shared his tour this photo, accompanied by a message quite as touching as that of the filmmaker. “What a pleasure to be a part of these movies, being surrounded by wonderful people, he commented. J. J. Abrams. Thank you to have realized my dreams.”

the reactions of The fans are not made to wait. Mostly moved by this first image of the actors and the set, a few have taken the opportunity to claim to the producer and the actor the title of the film, still unknown to the public. Others have preferred to put cap and magnifying glass a detective to go in search of clues about the episode IX. A reconciliation was soon made between the hair of Rey and Leia, as portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher in the previous films, which would be indicative of the influence of the latter as a mentor to the young Jedi.

the war of The trilogiesv started

In 2017, the head of Disney Bob Iger announced that it had given the green light to director Rian Johnson that he can make a new trilogy, Star Wars . In 2018, Kathleen Kennedy, president of LucasFilm, revealed in a press release to have granted to the creators of the series Game of Thrones the creation of another trilogy, she also inspired the universe of the intergalactic George Lucas.

Project that would be on the point of start, according to Casey Bloys, director of programming of HBO. What to feed new rumours: the franchise would have-she abandoned the films of Rian Johnson for the benefit of those in the duo Benioff and Weiss? This is not the case has informed the director of the Last Jedi on Twitter. “[The rumor] is false, I’m still working on the trilogy”, he responded to the comments of fans influential of the saga.

the next Two trilogies are, therefore, to provide, in addition to spin-off already in the program. If the deductible has confirmed that he has “several” films that are in development, the commercial failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to have weakened the possible feature film focused on the iconic Obi-Wan Kenobi or even one centered on the head hunter Boba Fett. The spin-off has, nevertheless, managed to land an Oscar nomination this year, in the category of best visual effects. In parallel, Disney began to develop his television series, The Mandalorian , in which will appear the actor Pedro Pascal (the Drug traffickers), and how the story should unfold between the fall of the Empire and the birth of the First Order, five years after Return of The Jedi . The series will be broadcast on the streaming service that the entertainment giant is expected to launch at the end of the year 2019.

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The highly anticipated episode IX of Star Wars will be released on the 18th of December at the cinema. There will be, alongside Daisy Riley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, the actor Adam Driver, and Carrie Fisher, who will not fail to make an appearance in spite of his death in 2016. After Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, and the princes Harry and William, this time the singer Ed Sheeran is fun to slip into the costume of one of the Stormtroopers in the film.