This is without doubt the duo the most iconic of the galaxy SF since 1977. Together, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker have traveled many miles at the speed of light, from Star Wars, a new hope . Mark Hamill, interpreter of the jedi, shared Sunday, a video of the first test filmed for the feature-length film of George Lucas on the social networks.

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The actor of 67 years of age, appears younger, alongside Harrison Ford, playing a scene in which Han and Luke come to ask the Millenium Falcon on the ruins of Alderaan – an excerpt eventually cut during the editing. The hearing would have been turned on the day of the meeting between the two players, according to the comedian.

“Neither of us had read the script at this time, but only this scene, said Hamill in a message accompanying the video on Twitter. I asked George (Lucas, editor’s note) what kind of film was this -“let’s Make this movie, we’ll talk later” to me he answered. We’ve never discussed, we just did it.”

Harrison Ford, 34 years old at the time, had already worked with George Lucas on American Graffiti (1973), while his colleague, 25-year-old, was relatively unknown despite some television appearances.

Since 1977, Star Wars became a franchise with the legendary seventh art, spanning three trilogies, and that the 9th and last episode is expected on screens on December 18.