François Armanet : “The Twinks”


The twinks… The temptation is great to move the strip magnet being in the former Drugstore of the Champs-Elysées for the French equivalent of the mods English appeared in the same time. It would be a mistake: the twinks were a thousand times less numerous and generally much better born than the modernists british, the “most beautiful avenue in the world” was dull compared to Carnaby Street, and the showcase of Renoma was a lot of delay on His Clothes by John Stephen. But the two of them to each side of the Channel, had in common a form of mere dandyism arrogant: while the british pop began to radiate and that black music was dancing, the old world took a serious blow old. These young peacocks wanted to show that they could be more stylish than their parents, making it now figure of cave paintings. The twinks draguaient, is bagarraient a little, listened to the Spencer Davis Group, Them, the Kinks, and Wilson Pickett. They chaussaient of Weston and Berteil with tassels, wore trench coats (Burberry or Aquascutum, such was the …

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