State Duma Deputy asks to check the activities of JSC

the Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children, the Deputy of the State Duma Tamara Pletnev made inquiries to the General Prosecutor’s office and Rosprirodnadzor with a request to check the activities of the company JSC “Sibantratsit” (texts of addresses is in the editorial).

“To me as to the Deputy of the State Duma appealed the initiative group of citizens of the Iskitim district of the Novosibirsk region, where in July of this year, with dumps of mining enterprises “Kolyvansky coal mine group, Sibantratsit” was a powerful gathering mud mudflow stopuri farmland near the village of Elbasi. As evidenced by the authors, in fact we are talking about man-made disaster, which not only complicated the already difficult socio – economic situation of the villagers, but also has a negative impact on the environment, the health of those living in this disadvantaged area families with children”, — said the Deputy.

As Tamara Pletneva writes with reference to the appeal of the initiative group, “this is not the first man-made accidents related to the technical condition of mining enterprises of the group “Sibantratsit”: in June 2019, the same landslide came down by the holding section, “Kisatsky” in the Kemerovo region: mud flow, as evidenced by the media, then demolished six of the towers, filled up the forest and broke the flow of the river Kisas”.

“But if last time the user group “Sibantratsit” at least acknowledged responsibility for the incident a disaster, but now, as stated in the text that deliberately shies away from this,” — said the MP.

In a letter to the MP, with reference to the appeal of the initiative group, said that after the recent death of the owner of the group Dmitry Bosova operational management “Sibantratsitom” focused in their Rukah his widow Caterina Bosses, “with the filing of which the group’s management undertook to deny the obvious damage inflicted on the environment, people and agricultural business.”

As noted, media reports suggest that “the accident at the “Kolyvan” more serious than, the volume came down a landslide of rocks is approximately 9 million cubic meters; covered pond, where through the river Berd Labas and contaminated fuel oil, diesel fuel and other promothody dirty water can go to the Ob.

“the Situation is very similar to the recent catastrophe in Norilsk. But the group “Sibantratsit” do not hurry with the implementation of measures on elimination of ecological consequences of technogenic accidents. According to the authors, the cause of the accident was the gross violation by the company of the group “Sibantratsit” technological standards, as well as “optimization” costs, resulting in savings on production and environmental safety,” — said in their appeals Deputy Tamara Pletnev.

She also notes that, “as suggested by the addressed inhabitants of the Novosibirsk region, personal responsibility for what happened must bear the new head of “Sibantratsita” Katerina Bosses, as it is fulfilling the functions of commercial Director of the group in 2018, was to approve the costs on the environment and safety.”

the MP asked the Supervisory authorities to check the data and, if they are confirmed, to take urgent response measures.