State of emergency in Yakutsk: tons of diesel fuel leaked from a tank at the plant

diesel power plants in Yakutia had an emergency. About five tons of diesel fuel leaked from the tank, reported the regional emergency Department.

the Incident occurred in the village Argakhtakh. It is specified that the total volume of damaged containers from which fuel is leaking, is 160 tons.

Experts are pumping the remaining fuel tank in the other three tanks, said the press service of the emergencies Ministry. It is planned to involve autoaligner, said “Interfax”.

Recall, may 29, on the territory of CHP-3 of JSC “NTEK” about 20 thousand tons of fuel spilled from the damaged tank. Fuel got into the water of the rivers Daldykan and the Barn, which, running into Pyasino lake. On this fact was instituted several criminal cases.

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