We do not observe “no deterioration in his condition. He remains alert but still does not eat”, indicated to AFP the president of Sea Sheperd France, Lamya Essemlali.

The cetacean, accustomed to cold waters and whose presence in this river is exceptional, is still in the lock of Saint-Pierre-La-Garenne, in the Eure.

Several attempts to feed the animal, “very thin” according to the prefecture, have been made in recent days but without success for the moment, day by day reducing its chances of survival.

In addition, a prolonged stay in the water of the lock, which is warm and stagnant compared to its usual aquatic environment, is detrimental to its state of health.

Among the conceivable hypotheses are an extraction or opening of the lock with the hope that he will return to the English Channel.

According to the Pelagis observatory, a specialist in marine mammals, this is the second beluga known in France after a fisherman from the Loire estuary had brought one up in his nets in 1948.