Stella McCartney’s virus conscious show was only seen by a small fraction of Parisians. However, it did not diminish its energy or celebrity appeal.

Paul McCartney surprised his daughter designer backstage, amid a huddle that included Demi Moore’s daughter and Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris. Paris spoke to The Associated Press on her environmental concerns.

These are some highlights from Monday’s Paris Fashion Week Spring 2022 collection:


Stella McCartney used the metaphor of the mushroom to make her point about the environment. It also served as a platform for many hallucinogenic looks.

This season’s top collection was full of energy and bright design.

Creatively, the mushroom theme was used. Light organdy featured vegetable prints, as well as a palette that mixed natural bright colors with soil browns. The house claimed that the sustainable leather bags were also made from mycelium, a fungal material that helps to break down organic matter.

McCartney’s departure from the vegetable theme was one of the highlights of the show. The Judo belts were worn with loose, white pants and featured piping taken from the astronaut cooling tubes.

The collection’s final flourish was filled with “magic mushrooms” looks, which included lurid 70s colors and psychedelic patterns on skin-tight cutaway tops. Sparkling catsuits sparkled like the trails of slugs in the forest at dawn.


British-American designer, Oscar Niemeyer, chose a more intimate setting this season than Opera Garnier. Instead, he used the Espace Niemeyer as a landmark modernist building.

Celebrities huddled together in odd oval rooms while journalists were guided through narrow corridors to meet the designer.

Backstage quickly became a family affair after the surprise visit of the ex-Beatle to his daughter. Stella joked with Paul McCartney that photographers should hurry up to get photos of him with Stella because “I don’t want to make my dad wait too long.” It’s not possible to make your dad mad.”

Demi Moore was dressed in a net jumpsuit and accompanied Scout Willis, her daughter.

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late King Of Pop, was also present. According to her, McCartney was a great designer. Jackson, 23 years old, said that McCartney’s hallucinogenic elements were not her favorite.

She stated, “It’s not about the trippy stuff. It’s more about saving planet, which is so strong.”

Jackson praised McCartney’s pioneering work in animal rights, cruelty-free fashion, and for promoting leather alternatives to plastic or animal-based products.

Jackson also admired eco-minded VivienneWestwood, whose show Jackson also attended as she “was a punk at her core.”


The Givenchy silver necklace, which some compared to a broken rope noose at Sunday’s show, was criticized online for being glamorized suicide.