Named for Emmanuel Macron, the head of the heritage Mission, Stéphane Bern multiplies the rants. He was accused on Tuesday the government and the national Assembly to torpedo the Lotto’s heritage. During the consideration of the finance bill 2019, the finance committee of the Assembly has removed an article voted on by the Senate, which exempted the Lottery heritage of the CSG, VAT and other levies. The amendment was supported by the government which does not intend to alter the tax regime applicable to games. Even less so when it multiplies the ads costly to calm the anger of the “yellow vests”.

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“The national Assembly is doing everything to torpedo the Lottery Heritage at the request of the rapporteur, Joël Giraud, and the support of the deputies of the majority”, said Stéphane Bern on Twitter. “I have only one desire, and that is to give up because, frankly, I finished by thinking: where is the will of the head of State?, he added on RTL on Tuesday evening. I am on the side of the French, but not from the side of these elected officials, who have understood nothing, who are completely off the ground.”

In terms more chosen, a number of parliamentarians have abounded in his sense. “It is a blow down of the national Assembly,” denounces the president as an example of the Culture commission of the Senate, Catherine Morin-Desailly. The article voted on by the Senate would have allowed “to help in a more significant way over the French heritage”, for its part, considers the member Emmanuelle Menard, related to the national Rally, in a statement to AFP.

“An exemption from, pretty embarrassing” for the majority

For his part, the rapporteur general of the Budget Joël Giraud, from the majority, held that a total exemption would have been “a first quite annoying for a game of chance”. All that the government has already agreed to collect 6.9% of all bets on the game of scratching the heritage Mission, which is much less than the 20% usually collected by the State.

To prove his good will, the minister of Culture, Franck Riester issued a press release on Tuesday, in the wake of the tweet of Stéphane Bern. “The government does not wish to modify the legal provisions of the loto but to continue to support the enthusiasm of the French for the heritage of proximity in the territories, the vernacular heritage, the heritage in danger”, he explains. Understand: if a new Lottery heritage is launched in 2019, it will also be subject to taxes. But the government should compensate the shortfall for the monuments to be restored by a new endowment. In October, one of the first movements of Franck Riester, a new minister was to release 21 million euros for the heritage Foundation.

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The Française des Jeux and the ministry of Culture, should announce the final figures of the participation in the game of Heritage Mission in January. It was at this time that Franck Riester should confirm the organization of a new special drawing of the lottery during the heritage days 2019. In the meantime, the minister has already welcomed the “tremendous success” of the operation in 2018. “The French have joined in the mass, the income will be around 21 million euros”, he announced during questions to the government.