“What the hell I was piqued to accept?”, asks Stéphane Bern in the middle of the Eure, on board an inflatable boat. The host of the television show Secret History is in the company of Florian Henn, alias Mamytwink, youtubeur passionate about history and specializes in videos for exploration. The young video artist from Metz, whose YouTube channel has more than 900,000 subscribers, has requested a few months ago to make a video in his company. And Stéphane Bern seems to regret having responded favourably to this invitation.

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Accompanied by Zecharia, other youtubeur and François Calvier behind the camera, Mamytwink takes the historian to a night tour of the chateau de Maintenon, home of the secret wife of Louis XIV. Plan to the drone of the gardens of André Le Nôtre, passing over the roofs of the building and in the places forbidden to the public, twenty-five minutes of video we offer a guided tour of preferred and amazing of the historic monument.

“They went in places that we hadn’t planned to show”

very nice plans and a nice advertisement for the castle, Eure-et-Loir, “it provides an innovative image”, greet Francine Loiseau, head of the cultural development of Maintenon. Contacted by Mamytwink, Stéphane Bern has suggested this site. “He is very attached to the castle and the region,” confirms Francine Loiseau. The administration of the building then proposed a route to the shooting team “In the field of the possible, in terms of security and image, we have provided access to real secret passages to give this unusual side.”

“Stéphane Bern is very attached to the castle and the region.”

Francine Loiseau

If officials in the castle have accompanied the group during the shooting, the night tour, offered a few surprises. “As they advanced, they went in places that we had not planned to show,” said Francine Loiseau. At the end of filming, Stéphane Bern and his sidekick for the evening access to the attic. The historian takes a door, and falls on a house. “Oh no, it’s incredible,” he whispered. In the room, a bed is still wrapped in its linen and clothes hang from the coat rack.

good rooms intact

“It comes to good rooms, dating back to before the Second world War,” explains Francine Loiseau. In 1940, the castle was taken by the Germans and served as a munitions depot. At the liberation, the building was destroyed at 70%. Priority has been given to the restoration of the roof and the tour. So these parts are remained in the state. Regarding the clothes, it is of leather pants and hunting bags,” added the communications officer.

A night search of a jewel of French heritage, with a star of the small screen, which counts already more than 400,000 views. This is not the first time that Mamytwink collaborates with national monuments. The youtubeur had already wandered at night in the wings of the Louvre or in the bowels of the Mont Saint Michel.