After the television and the radio, the specialist of the crowned heads and ardent champion of heritage is back on the boards. In You will not have the last word , a play written by Diane Ducret ( Women of dictator ) and directed by Jérémie Lippmann, Stéphane Bern, alone on stage, takes the audience “behind the scenes of the story, to the discovery of the last words of great men and authors.” The theatre Montparnasse, where will the show, is delighted to welcome the comedian in the grass. “Stephane Bern arrives at the theatre with a monologue joyful and profound, literary and historical off-beat tone, with poetry, passion and a bit of bad spirit”.

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The host of the RTL, for his part, declared to the AFP that he was very enthusiastic about the text: “The desire to play comedy me again, and this is a way to do it gently. It is fun to see how personalities have prepared or not for their last moments,” said Stéphane Bern who will benefit from his visits across France in the framework of its action in favour of heritage to play this show.

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A return to the stage thirteen years later

This is not the first time that the facilitator tries to the exercise of the scene. In 2005 and 2006, he was the poster of the piece alternate Number by Jean-Marie Chevret, directed by Alain Sachs, played 250 times at the théâtre Saint-Georges.

The host of Secret history and Village preferred French , has also made a few appearances in movies, in series and tv-movies since 2001. Especially in Murder in the Lorraine region (4.5 million viewers) last march, on France 3. The facilitator will also perform in two works of fiction unit for the chain in 2020.