Named for Emmanuel Macron at the head of a mission for the safeguarding of the heritage, the facilitator reviews the results of the first edition of the games in favor of the monuments, and is committed to the future.

LE FIGARO. Millions of euros are being distributed, and yet it is a concert of lamentations!

Stéphane BERN. – as a whole, the beneficiaries are very happy with it. But one hears more the handful of people that complained about this. The rules for the allocation of money from the lottery and gaming Mission heritage have not been well understood. The monuments, which are classified as historic monuments, have less received than the other: they also benefit from subsidies or favourable tax regime. We will, however, resume with the heritage Foundation, the folders one by one and try to round the corners.

“Gérald Darmanin would have been able to waive the fees, make an exception for the heritage, as is the case in England. He didn’t want to. In France, it is paris-Bercy, which runs the country !”

games for cultural heritage have been taxed, and will be in 2019. You don’t see it coming, the blow?

Officially, the State was relinquishing its share in 2018. …

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