Remember their names. Ambroisine Bra (mezzo-soprano), Eleonore Pancrazi (mezzo-soprano) and Guilhem Worms (bass-baritone) for the revelations lyrical and Theo Fouchenneret (piano), Thibaut Garcia (guitar) and Alexandre Kantorow (piano) for the revelations of the soloists. All were Friday night in the auditorium of The Seine Musical (Top-of-Seine) for a recorded concert that will allow the public to choose its winners to the Victories of the classical music. Their performance will be broadcast on France Musique in the show ” Carrefour de Lodéon on January 23 and 24. And the public can vote from 21 January until 12 February on the site

If Frédéric Lodéon promotes these young talents, the journalist will not have this year the great award ceremony which will be broadcast live at the end of February. His sidekick Leila Kaddour-Boudadi, will be accompanied by producer Judith Chaine the time of this ceremony in the river Seine musical.

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Two pianists and a cellist, will compete for the prize of soloist instrumental. While Nicholas Angelich is named for the first time this year, Bertrand Chamayou is a regular at with a total of four awards already, including two for the same title, achieved in 2011 and 2016. The cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras will be their rival ; he had already won a Victory in 2008.

Another return, that of the soprano franco-Danish Elsa Dreisig, named this year in the artist category of lyric. In 2016, at the time of receiving the trophy of the revelation lyric artist, she had made the demonstration of his strength of character and his independence in his speech of thanks original. In the Face of it, this year, Stéphane Degout. The baritone also appears in the last record of the Trojan horses of Berlioz, in Erato, in the running for the award for album of the year and already acclaimed and won the prestigious Gramophone English.

The soprano Sandrine Piau, named the face of Elsa Dreisig, and Stéphane Degout, is also in the competition for a second reward. His album Chimera (Alpha Classics) it opens up the possibility of another price this year. This album will face Les Troyens directed by John Nelson and The pearl Fishers interpreted by Julie Fuchs, Cyrille Dubois, Florian Sempey and Luc Bertin-Hugault with the national Orchestra de Lille under the direction of Alexandre Bloch (Pentatone).

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Three composers, finally, are in the running for the Win composer of the year. Benjamin Attahir for the Serpent and Orchestra . The violinist and conductor of the twenty-nine year-old already has many awards to his credit, including the prix Pierre-Cardin of the Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Second candidate: Guillaume Connesson, one of the French composers most played in the world, nominated for his work The Horizons perdus , composed for violin and orchestra. Jean-Frédéric Neuburger, distinguished also by the Fine-Arts prize, 2010 Nadia and Lili Boulanger, complete the list with its piano Concerto .