hypertension is a common disease: According to the Robert Koch Institute, 30 percent of Germans have a high blood pressure. The disease is not treated, it entails great risks for the health of: Flowing the blood for years with a high pressure through the vessels, the kidneys and blood vessels damage. High blood pressure is after Smoking the second leading cause for strokes and heart diseases.

health risk Stiftung Warentest recommends: These drugs help in high blood pressure and are safe

blood pressure is determined with the measuring devices. It gives you for the upper arm or the wrist. For the diagnosis and treatment of blood pressure, it is important that the devices are working optimally. However, this is not at each blood pressure measuring device, shows a Stiftung Warentest. The auditors have taken 14 blood pressure measuring devices under the microscope – eight for the upper arm, six for the wrist.

The sobering result: In many of the problem is the accuracy of measurement. Positive handling stands out against it: All blood pressure measuring devices can also be used by lay people. This is important because the devices are used for home use without a doctor’s help.

what are the values talk to a physician high blood pressure? The upper value (systolic)and Lower value (diastolic)is optimal under 120Unter 80Normal120 to 12980 to 84Hochnormal130 up 13985 up 89Leichter Bluthochdruck140 to 15990 to 99Mittelschwerer Bluthochdruck160 up 179100 up 109Schwerer Bluthochdruck180 or mehr110 or more

source: Stiftung Warentest; the blood pressure is in units of mmHg

The winner of the test given is called “ExactFit 5” of brown (65 Euro). The product measures the blood pressure in the arm and gets the only device in the Test, the quality judgement “Good” (test 2.5). In terms of measurement accuracy, the winner of the test scores, however, only “Satisfactory”. This means that The device deviates by a maximum of 7.5 mmHg from the value, the medical staff has previously determined. The abbreviation mmHg is the unit of measurement for blood pressure is millimeters of Mercury.

blood pressure measurement devices – the winners from the pre-test to remain unbeaten

Better, the “good” devices from the Test of 2016 beat: the wrist device, “Omron RS2”, there is to buy for € 26 or “Boso Medistar+” for 25 Euro. Also Boso Medicus X” (50 Euro), which is applied to the upper arm is recommended: “.

test explained in the current edition, the major differences between the two types of devices: measuring devices for the upper arm are, therefore, usually more expensive, bulky in the application and laborious to create. The devices sit automatically at Heart level. Wrist devices are creating lighter, must have been brought by the user but only to the right height. Else error threatens measurement.

The full Test, there is, for a fee, test.de/blutdruckmessgeräte