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Sting: “As Aznavour, I’m going to sing until the end”

Sting is not stingy with his word. When most of his contemporaries are reluctant to talk about their work, the English gives you regularly go to the press about the evolution of his career. Poised, intelligent, often funny, the sexagenarian is a person of the most enjoyable. A strange album of covers of his own songs is the new pretext for a discussion of broken sticks with the true athlete of the scene, which does not intend to put a brake on his career, quite the contrary.

LE FIGARO. – This album is a real surprise. We weren’t expecting this from you…

STING.- I like to surprise people, this is my strategy. And I want to surprise myself also. This time, I was asked to sing Brand New Day in Times Square for the New Year. I had written to the transition in the year 2000. I agreed, on the condition of the rearrange. I went in the studio to re-record with a modern sound. Then, I …

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