What could we expect this evening on the Seine music of Sting ? We know he has at the highest point the art and the way of resume standards of the Police force or of his own songs with arrangements always innovative, as in his last album, My songs is made up of its immortal melodies ( Every Breath you take , Shape of my heart not to mention the inevitable Roxanne ) rearranged with a sound reinvented, but without ever hitting our memories.

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the concert of The seine musical started as it should, the wonderful song Police Message in a bottle . With its rock accents, it flirtait melodiously yesterday evening with the funk and the jazzy. The tone is set. On this boat, that is the Seine river Musical Sting will sail so all the evening on the oceans of a rock, powerful jazz-funk very personal without forgetting the indispensable note of reggae. All of this has been made possible because he is accompanied by musicians who take more than the road such as Vinnie Colaiuta on drums (who played with Franck Zappa) and Rufus Miller, who replaces the once again his father, Dominic Miller, guitarist of always Sting.

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During the forty-five minute Sting connects the pieces with envy, energy in front of an audience who listens to him almost religiously. It is necessary to wait Walking on the Moon in a version very reggae for the public to interact with him. Finally he feels that his fans live. They are expressed. The heat rises not to come down until the end of the concert. Sting and his troupe sailed along the Seine Musical full to the brim, the audience in the stands is, in part, all standing.

Sting gives pleasure with its new arrangements, alternating between intensity and emotion with his powerful voice and well in place. You can hear in the orchestra pit, the audience play to recognize the titles as soon as the first measures such as Wrapped Aroud your Finger or Desert Rose . The concert stops for the first time at the end of the legendary Roxanne still as electric and powerful.

Sting follow five songs from Can’t stand losing you to Every Breath you take to finish Next you in front of an audience captivated by its artistic quality and its musicians. Finally, we will be able elegance and poise folledu singer: it’s just a jean, a tee-shirt, a beautiful English sang yesterday evening, on the stage of the river Seine.

Sting of the Seine music… may 28, 2019