Stock trades in the USA ended with the decrease of the index

U.S. stock indicators at the end of yesterday’s trading showed a negative attitude.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index lost 0.50% and closed at 26734,71 points. The value of the index of wide market S&P 500 decreased 0.34% to 3215,57 points. The index of technology companies NASDAQ fell by 0.73% to 10473,83 points, according to “Finam”.

Investors again worried about the increasing number of cases of coronavirus infection in the United States and difficulties in global economy recovery after the pandemic, says PRIME.

Leading stock indicators of countries in Western Europe have completed yesterday’s trading in the red. The British FTSE 100 index slipped 0.67% to 6250,69 points, French CAC 40 up 0.46% to 5085,28 points, German DAX — on 0,43% to 12874,97 item.

the Russian stock market closed in green zone. Ruble Mosberg index rose 0.44% to 2760,01 points, while the dollar index of RTS — on 0,05% to 1219,93 item.

it says the investment strategist “BKS the Prime Minister” Alexander Bakhtin, yesterday, “the external background was controversial.” “Oil has stayed around the price level of $43, the Western sites are mostly traded in the red zone”, — stated in the review of the expert.

At the same time, he points out, “there is a growing degree of tension in the US-China, against this background, investors are increasingly worried about the fate of the second phase of trade between the major economies of the world.”

In General, sums up analyst IK “VELES the Capital” Elena Kozhuhova, “mood on global markets on Thursday were dominated by moderately pessimistic”. “The Russian market again have not followed the trend, this time yielding a more positive attitude. On Friday, the investors, due to the more relaxed macroeconomic and corporate background, you can switch on the virus question. In the United States and Europe as a whole an appetite for riof the SSI, while on the Russian market and the ruble presses geopolitics”, — the expert adds.

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