Stock trades in the USA ended with the decrease of the index

U.S. stock indicators at the end of yesterday’s trading showed a negative attitude.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index has lost 0,77% and closed at 26379,28 points. The value of the index of wide market S&P 500 decreased by 0.65% to 3218,44 points. The index of technology companies NASDAQ fell by 1.27% to 10402,09 points, according to “Finam”.

the Market has evaluated the prospects for the adoption of a new package of measures to support the U.S. economy, expecting a meeting of the Federal reserve system (FRS) in assessing the financial performance of companies, said PRIME.

Leading stock indicators of countries in Western Europe have completed yesterday’s trading mostly in the red. The British FTSE 100 grew 0.41 percent up 6129,99 points, the French CAC 40 slipped 0.22% to 4928,94 points, the German DAX down 0.03% to 12835,28 item.

the Russian stock market closed mixed. Ruble Mosberg index rose 0.37% to 2895,45 points, while dollar-denominated RTS index declined 0.67% to 1257,69 item.

it says the IAC senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrov, “Tuesday ended with the Russian stock market mixed movements.” “It seems that investors have completely lost the understanding of what is happening and make the transaction with your eyes closed — and suddenly you’re lucky”, says the review expert.

however, an investment strategist “BKS the Prime Minister” Alexander Bakhtin points out that “the investors’ optimism is supported by the news about the promotion to find a vaccine against the virus.” However, he said, “a growing number of cases around the world, the re-introduction of quarantines in some countries, etc. are in favor of the growth of the anxiety of market participants”.

overall, total analyst IK “VELES the Capital” Elena Kozhuhova, “sentiment on foreign stock markets on Tuesday the advantageNGOs were correction”. “The decline, however, takes place within a narrow range and at the moment is not for the bulls in serious danger. The fed continues to support the American economy and before summing up the session on Wednesday announced the extension of emergency lending programs until December 31, current year”, — the expert adds.