Stock trading in USA ended in negative territory

U.S. stock indicators at the end of yesterday’s trading showed a negative attitude.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index lost 1.31 percent and closed at 26652,33 points. The value of the index of wide market S&P 500 lost 1.23% to 3235,66 points. The index of technology companies NASDAQ fell by 2.29% to 10461,42 points, according to “Finam”.

Traders disappointed data about the growing number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States, as well as the increase in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus, said PRIME.

Leading stock indicators of countries in Western Europe have completed yesterday’s trading mostly in the red. The British FTSE 100 grew 0.07 percent up to 6211,44 points. The French CAC 40 down by 0.07% to 5033,76 points, German DAX — on 0,01% to 13103,39 item.

the Russian stock market closed in green zone. Ruble Mosberg index rose 0.60% to 2851,79 points, while dollar — denominated RTS index-on 0,52% to 1261,62 item.

it says the IAC senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrova, “the Russian stock market on Thursday was still the preponderance of forces on the side of the bulls, but, as before, was rather of sporadic character.”

however, an investment strategist “BKS the Prime Minister” Alexander Bakhtin indicates that “the external environment has shown a gradual reduction in the level of optimism on the background of viral news background and statistics”. “Also, again, reminded myself of the geopolitical situation — the States demanded that China close the Consulate in Houston”, says the review expert.

In General, sums up analyst IK “VELES the Capital” Elena Kozhuhova, “mood on global markets on Thursday was leaning in the direction of the correction”. “Friday is expected to interesting in the context of statistics day — the preliminary index of business activity in the sectorarts services and industry Europe and USA to improve the economic situation. If this happens, remedial sale at the end of the week will be accelerated”, — the expert adds.

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