Stock trading in USA ended in positive territory

U.S. stock indicators at the end of yesterday’s trading showed a positive attitude.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 1.7% and was at around 27572,44 points. The value of the index of wide market S&P 500 increased 1.2% to 3232,39 points. The index of technology companies NASDAQ rose 1.13% to 9924,75 points, according to “Finam”.

the Market rose amid easing fears over the recovery prospects of the US economy, the largest in the world, said PRIME.

Leading stock indicators of countries in Western Europe closed yesterday in the red. Britain’s FTSE 100 slipped 0.18% to 6472,59 points, French CAC 40 — on 0,43% to 5175,52 points, German DAX — on 0,22% to 12819,59 item.

the Russian stock market ended Monday in the green zone. Ruble Mosberg index rose by 0.13% to 2796,30 points, the dollar index of RTS — on 0,23% to 1288,71 item.

it says the IAC senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrova, “the whole Monday, the Russian stock market kept in a great mood but by evening, investors apparently came to the idea of a summary — and quickly narrowing momentum acquisitions”.

At the same time the chief analyst of PSB Bogdan Zvarich indicates that “the main reason for the sales could be the situation on the energy market, where the nearest futures on Brent crude retreated to the area of $ 41 per barrel.”

for its part, the expert on the stock market “BCS” Dmitry Babin is confident that “global markets remain in line with the steady upward trend, reflecting the slowdown of the pandemic that contributes to the further removal of the antivirus available worldwide, and it increases the chances of a quick recovery.”

overall, total analyst IK “VELES the Capital” Elena Kozhuhova, “mood on global markets in the beginning of the week has been mixed”. “The oil market came to a natural correction, which still looks very reasonable, while the us indices tried to continue growth. At current levels it is possible to partially take profits on a number of risky assets in view of risks of a downward correction, but in General buyers of the stock markets still do not lose faith in the best”, — the expert adds.

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