Their disappearance had shaken the kingdom. The cathedral of Strängnäs was found in July 2018 the theft of two gold crowns and an orb crucigère – a globe surmounted by a cross. After months of research, the treasure was found Tuesday in a trash can in Åkersberga near Stockholm, reports the journal Aftonbladet . The jewellery may seem to suffer no deterioration. The police is working “intensively” to be certain that they are not false, she made it known via a press release.

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Then he was doing his rounds, a guard discovered the treasure at the bottom of the very unworthy box in the middle of the night. He has alerted the police in the aftermath. A power outage occurred during the night, has made ineffective the cameras of video surveillance of the stations-service-suite. Impossible to find the one who makes the loot.

The discovery comes at a time when that was to be held on Tuesday, the final day of the trial of one of the suspects, a 22 year old male. Visibly hurt by breaking the glass, the blood had been found in the cathedral. According to the prosecutor Reena Devgun, “this is probably not a coincidence if the jewelry has been found at this time”. The trial has been interrupted in an emergency. Last July, thieves had sneaked into the cathedral of Strängnäs, a hundred kilometers east of the capital, on the edge of a lake, and seized the jewelry. They then fled in the speedboat and jet-ski through the myriad of nearby islands.

A kidnappage jewelry?

jewelry, gold, and enamel, are estimated at more than € 6 million. Their history is more precious still, these ornaments funeral belonging to Charles IX and christina of Sweden, who reigned at the beginning of the Seventeenth century. The investigators were not afraid, as long as they are sold – these objects would be far too visible on the market, that damaged.

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after their last case, the flight might be an attempt at”artnapping”, the kidnappage of works of art in order to a ransom. The trial resumes on February 15. By then, the police will be able to have the heart net on the authenticity of the jewelry. In 2013 already, the wreath and the sceptre of king Johan III had been stolen. After an anonymous testimony, they had finally been found at the edge of a highway in… bags.