Seven years after the death of Éric Charden, Annie Gautrat, the so-called Stone (Stone & Charden) continues to sing L’avventura and many of their hits of the 70’s in galas, on cruise and on the tour tender Age . Installed between Paris and his home in Commentry, near Montluçon, this ex-Miss Beatnik 1966, is the godmother of the exposure of the MuPop on the tubes of the summer. For the occasion, she lent her golden discs, the combinations spangled concert at the Olympia in 1973 and the guitar psychedelic-Eric Charden.

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LE FIGARO. You have aligned a record of the tubes of the summer in the 70s. How was it at the time?

STONE. – L ’’avventura , topped the hit parade with 1 million singles sold, was a slow tempo, a waltz. For the following summer, we needed something else. We waited at the turn. Should it stay in the same vein or …

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