“There are four deceased victims, a family, two adults and two children”, indicated on the spot a magistrate of the parquet floor. “We have just opened an investigation entrusted to the departmental security to find the causes of the fire,” added the same source.

The identity of the victims could not yet be confirmed. According to several neighbors interviewed, this family is of Syrian nationality and the two children are around seven or eight years old.

In the early morning, the fire was extinguished and the firefighters, who arrived very quickly on the spot according to neighbors, had left the scene, noted an AFP journalist. On the third floor of this social housing building in the south of Strasbourg, several windows appeared blackened by the flames.

“We smelled the smoke, it woke us up, we went out and we heard mum, dad and children screaming,” Anissa, a neighbor on the ground floor, told AFP. called the fire department around 5 a.m.

According to the social landlord of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg Ophéa, which will rehouse people whose apartment has been damaged by the fire, this building was part of an urban renewal program and should soon be the subject of work.