At the beginning of each symphonic season, it’s like the first day of classes. One wonders what the teachers will be and if we will make new friends. The three major orchestras of the capital come to give their inaugural concert, which allows a state places at the same time as an assessment of the issues.

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The issue, it is for the Orchestre de Paris that he is the most burning: it is a matter of finding a new music director to succeed the ephemeral and Daniel Harding, who will soon realize his childhood dream of being hired as an airline pilot trainee for Air France. For informed choice, a number of heads “papabile” are invited to give two programs this season. This is the case of the young american, Karina Canellakis, that was in charge of the delicate privilege to make the opening of the season.


The concert dates back to three weeks and the memory is already fading. The …

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