The number of bicycle crossings continued to increase, by 13% compared to 2021, and by 39% compared to 2019, the reference year before the pandemic, according to readings taken by a sample of nearly 300 counters scattered around the national territory, said the association.

This increase observed in 2022 is based solely on the urban environment (17% compared to 2021), the number of bicycle crossings having stagnated in rural areas (0%) and even declined in peri-urban areas.

“The practice of the utility bike now seems well established and probably explains the strong increases recorded during the week in urban areas (21% compared to 2021)”, specifies the association.

“The situation in peri-urban and rural areas, for its part, is tending to stabilize”, notes the association, which underlines that these territories being undoubtedly more conducive to the practice of leisure, the use of the bicycle has been more affected “by weather hazards at the beginning of the year”.

The February school holidays, in particular, were marked this year by episodes of rain and snow “which contrasted sharply with 2021 when, over the same period, France experienced almost summer weather”, underlined the association. .