Student academic Kudryavtseva was given seven years in prison for treason

the Court sentenced the head of the Center of heat transfer and the date of the Central research Institute of machine building (TsNIIMash) Roman Kovalev, accused in the case of treason.

As reported TASS citing a source, the court recognized Kovalev guilty under article 275 of the criminal code and sentenced to seven years in strict regime colony.

it is Noted that the case Kovalev was heard in the Moscow regional court in a special manner in connection with a full recognition defendants of the fault and in the closed mode in connection with presence in it of materials marked “confidential”.

Recall that the master Kovalev — 75-year-old employee TsNIIMash Kudryavtsev — was arrested on 20 July 2018, and September 27, were released from prison under recognizance not to leave.

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