Study: People have adapted to working from home and do not want to get back to the office

The world has adapted to working remotely, employees of companies now feel that I can give no less than when in the office. This is evidenced by a new survey conducted by website Analytics Perceptyx. According to the data, only 4% of the 750 thousand employees from over one hundred global companies would like after the pandemic coronavirus to go back to his office full time.The researchers noticed a sharp change in the mood of the workers. Apparently, experts assume, most of them adapted to the new situation. More recently, in the office wanted to go back in 8 times more people. So, for example, still only in early may, about a third of employees would prefer to work from the office and not from home. But over time this position became less popular. One of the reasons people have adapted to working from home, and now feel that I can give no less than when in the office. Perceptyx also measures that do employees feel themselves productive and in early April this figure had gone down to 85%. Many complained about the inconvenience due to the change of environment. Now for the statement “My sights on working remotely allows me to work productively” positive answer 100% of employees. This indicator was not observed even once over the previous 3 months research, experts say. In their opinion, the first time the staff tried to get used to the new working environment and learn the tools required to work remotely. After that productivity started to rise, and for some IT companies even exceeded the value before the coronavirus. The productivity jumped, and more than 15% of employees decided that they still like to work from home if they have the opportunity. However, researchers do not exclude changes in the indicator to the beginning of the new school year. If school opens in the fall, and children again PRgo to learn from home, productive parents, workers on remote, again will start to decrease.

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