Su-27 has been raised to intercept the American bombers over the Baltic sea

su-27 Fighters were raised to intercept bombers b-52H US air force and reconnaissance planes discovered on-duty air defense forces of the Western military district (ZVO) over the Baltic sea at a considerable distance from the borders of Russia.

As reported in the Ministry of defence, American planes were detected over the neutral waters of the Baltic sea, after which it was they were accompanied by Russian fighters. The bombers were continuously accompanied by Russian radar controls. To intercept targets in the air were raised fighters of the su-27 naval aviation of the Baltic fleet.

Scouts and bombers of the U.S. air force and NATO countries have conducted flights over the Baltic sea in the framework of the exercises of NATO Baltops 2020.

the Russian fighters were not allowed to cross the state border of the Russian Federation, noted in the defense Ministry. The crews of Russian planes fly in strict accordance with International rules of airspace use, added in the military.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that the forces and means of the Baltic fleet are watching the progress of the exercise, the U.S. Navy and European countries 2020 Baltops, taking place in the waters of the southern and Central parts of the Baltic sea. Involving 17 NATO countries and two partner countries- Sweden and Finland. Engaged in maneuvers up to 3 thousand 28 ships and 28 planes and helicopters.

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