The opera house is appreciated at any age. With Opera tiny , Sabine Venaruzzo and Caroline Duval have created a year ago, a show dedicated to the little ones. An introduction to the operatic world of 30 minute, given in a foyer annex of the great hall of the opéra de Nice. The five dates, the next and last the Saturday, April 20, are full.

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Here, there is no discussion of impossible love, of betrayal or even of the magic flute. This opera is based on the dialogue absurd and poetic between the actors. The words of the daily ranges of music, such as “hello?!”, “Hello”, “oh it’s going?”… While adhering to the codes of the genre of lyric. An air of Italian gliding in a dance of the hand, a nod to the dance appears in the ballet of hugs… A tribute to the opera for children.

Opera tiny is-born performances in nurseries Marseille or paris region by Sabine Venaruzzo, a Niçoise, who runs the company, “A small voice said to me,” and Caroline Duval, the head of the company “Be” that achieves a performance in the middle of childhood. “Children have no filter, no complex. They are looking for a real encounter sensitive. A state of intensity that offers the opera, in the voice and the body,” points out Caroline Duval.

A state of wonder On the music of Benjamin Laurent, the two actresses have created a veritable opera in miniature. Eric Clement-Demange

“In his report to the voice, the baby can hear everything, it has no label. Of course, one does not begin by a counter-ut not rushing it,” says the opera singer Sabine Venaruzzo. This improvisational work feeds on the roots of the opera. We find in the characters a machinist, an orchestra leader, cock-of-walk and costumes. The décor changes, the curtain falls… so Many small references intended by the composer Benjamin Laurent. “It is a tribute to the forms of lyrical art: the recitative with arias duets and solo, to the Italian opera, to the ballet…” The air of the queen of the night the magic Flute of Mozart, for example, is resumed to the upside.

“The singing voice has a magical dimension, there is a form of theatrical expression through the power of the voice that seduces you immediately. In children there is a real fascination for the vocal performance,” adds the head of singing.

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An awakening to the music that opens wide the doors of the opera for families. “Parents come for the first time the opera house. After you have shared it with their children, they want to live as an adult and go see a real opera,” says Caroline Duval. Strong of its success, the creation of music could soon occur in other rooms in France.