An attendance a little lower but still very satisfactory. Here is the balance sheet prepared on Sunday by the organizers of the Trans Musicales 2018. With 58.000 participants, “the Trans Musicales 2018 are among the editions to record attendance, to the sides of the raw historic 2017,” said the organizers in a press release. The edition of 2017 had saved 62.000 participants.

A decrease non-significant, according to Béatrice Macé, co-founder and co-director of Trans Musicales, with Jean-Louis Brossard, due to the fact that two concerts have been scheduled this year, compared with 2017.”It is a beautiful edition, this is my feeling. It was made of super figures. There is a very nice attendance. It is a satisfaction that all has gone well,” she told AFP.

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“We will remember them in the first Aloïse Sauvage on the establishment of the Area free. This year, she has proposed more than a concert, it’s all been charmed and subjugated by the force of the words, and the words, it is an amazing spectacle,” stressed the co-director of the festival. Aloïse Sauvage, artist-in-residence of the edition 2018 of Trans Music, was given this year by the organization in the creation of annual and five performances. She also ended this edition with a show on Sunday night, on the prestigious stage of the Aire libre.

118 concerts, given by 89 groups

speaking on the “maturity” of the “Trans” in the term of forty editions, Béatrice Macé reaffirmed “that there was no change compared with the first” editions. “There is always a project around the music unique and little-known. It is necessary that the Trans will continue to evolve, compared to a world that is changing around us,” by the proposition “of what art is a bit on the side”, she added.

In all, 118 concerts have been given by 89 groups (87 in 2017) and three dance companies over the five days of the festival the image of pioneer in the music scene. Fifty-six of these concerts were held over three days at the Expo Park.

A spotlight on the african continent

33 countries were represented, including 20 outside of Europe. Eight groups or dance companies have made their first european scene. The Park Expo, which brings together the biggest scenes among which the Hall 9, hosted of 32,000 spectators, against 34.000 in the last year.

The “Trans” had also chosen to give a spotlight on Africa, represented by a third party of the artists. Among them were the rapper and percussionist kenyan Muthoni Drummer Queen and the Angolan Pongo, who fled the civil war with his family at the age of eight years.

Since their inception in 1979, the “Trans” were found in France many artists become essential then, among them Björk, Etienne Daho, Nirvana, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Stromae or Black Desire. The 41st edition will be held from 4 to 8 December 2019.