“For the prosecution, Dinah’s death is not the result of school harassment” contrary to what his family had said, explained Edwige Roux-Morizot during a press conference.

The magistrate spoke with great caution and sensitivity, seeming to weigh each of her words.

After a first suicide attempt in March 2021, Dinah, educated in second class, was found hanged at the family home in Kingersheim, near Mulhouse, on the night of October 4 to 5.

The Mulhouse prosecutor’s office had opened two investigations for harassment and research into the causes of death.

“There were indeed certain insults, but to which she responded without difficulty, but above all there was a suffering to leave a group that she formed with a certain number of friends” in 3rd class, explained the prosecutor from Mulhouse.

The investigation carried out, “objective, exhaustive, impartial and very complete” according to Ms Roux-Morizot, with a total of a hundred people heard, painted a portrait of Dinah as a “brilliant young girl, absolutely not isolated”, but with also with a dark side, “a complex personality, with a psychic imbalance”, eternally unsatisfied.

Dinah’s family had filed a complaint in November 2021 for “harassment”, “manslaughter” or even “incitement to suicide”, for facts which took place between 2019 and 2021, when Dinah was in 4th and 3rd grade.

Dinah’s family lawyer, who has “a different reading” of the file, still has the possibility of filing an appeal with the public prosecutor or of filing a complaint with civil action with an investigating judge. The prosecutor said she does not know the family’s intentions at this time.

In addition, two people who had made death threats on social networks targeting teaching staff at the establishment where Dinah was educated have been identified and will be tried for these facts next March, announced Ms. Roux-Morizot.