Summed up three days of voting in the Governor's project

Voting in the Rostov region in the framework of the Governor’s project “people’s Council” is gaining momentum. If at the end of the first day of voting participated more than 30 thousand inhabitants, for the past three days this figure has increased five times – up to 166 753. We will remind, voting started on June 25 and will last until 1 July inclusive. At the initiative of the don Governor Vasily Golubev residents of the area can choose the most important areas of spending 500 million rubles from the regional budget to overcome the consequences of the pandemic coronavirus. To cast your vote for three choices of the ten proposed on the ballots for amendments to the Constitution, as well as on a special website Amount will be distributed among the three winning areas of funding in proportion to the number cast for them votes. “I have decided to allocate to mitigate the consequences of pandemic coronavirus 500 million rubles. What else is important to do today — to solve to you all. The public chamber of the Rostov region approved the list of 10 tasks. Three tasks which are the majority of your votes will be solved in the first place,” said the Governor. To date, the lead variant “ambulances to transport emergency patients”, has received 987 votes 87. On the second place — “cars for traveling pediatricians and therapists to the patient’s house” with a 65 289 votes. With a small gap closes the three leaders of the “Equipment and furniture for the organization of healthy nutrition in school canteens”, which received 65 121 voice.

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