Supported the protests in Khabarovsk the new Lehi Fireman was forbidden to go to Khabarovsk

the police Investigator banned Chita-known blogger Alexei Screename, recording videos on YouTube under the name of Lech Fireman to leave the city. As informs news Agency “Chita.Ru” was given to him on his own recognizance immediately after purchase of tickets Khabarovsk in protest.

According to information from the Zabaikalsky Agency, one of the last rollers Leh Fireman said that Donata subscribers, he bought train tickets to Khabarovsk, but an hour later he was phoned by the investigator and by the Department of insurance of the Russian Federation, handed over on bail. The blogger suggested that these events are connected. The Source Of “Chita.Ru” reported that investigators have gathered enough evidence to pursue Screename charges.

Recall that Screenage last Thursday was arrested for three days for organizing an unsanctioned rally on July 25. According to law enforcement authorities, the blogger urged residents to share “Feed the pigeons” in support of the protesters channel.