Supporters shaman TM want to make a

supporters of the Buryat shaman Alexander Gabysheva are planning a trip to Yakutsk, to legal means to demand his release from the psychiatric clinic.

As reported by “Yakutia.Info” Buryat activist Dmitry Bairov, activists began collecting donations for the trip. He stressed that the purpose of the trip is “not to raise the people, and the legal means to demand the release of Alexander TM”.

While the exact date of arrival unknown.

Recall that, according to human rights activist Alexey Pryanishnikov, the medical Commission of the psycho-neurological dispensary in Yakutsk concluded that Alexander Gabyshev is a “threat to themselves and others” and today, the doctors planned to file a lawsuit on involuntary hospitalization of the shaman.

the Police special forces detained Gabysheva’s place of residence may 12 and was taken to the mental hospital. Official comments on this matter was available.

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