After you have done the house-cleaning in Hollywood, it seems that the movement #MeToo is turning more and more to the music industry american. The singer Ryan Adams is in the eye of the hurricane since the New York Times has published an investigation into the alleged manipulations of the artist to obtain sexual favours from several women, including a minor at the time of the facts. On the 1st of march, the platform, Ticketmaster announced the cancellation of the tour of the artist in the United Kingdom. It should take place from 30 march to 11 April.

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On the eve of Valentine’s day, the american daily newspaper New York Times has published a survey, in which seven women testifying against Ryan Adams. They accuse him of having taken advantage of his success to them, and promise aid in their musical career. “I was really lonely, and he was very friendly and cool”, there entrust Ava, a teenage bass player, a young teenager in his first exchanges with the singer. Messages and video communications that would be quickly became sexually explicit.

After this publication, the F. B. I. seized of the case. Ryan Adams ned block. According to him, Ava has never revealed her true age (she said she was 18) and he would “never interactions inappropriate with a person that I could believe a minor”. On Twitter, the artist named several times to the Grammy Awards was split from a few tweets to denounce an article as “incredibly inaccurate” and apologizing to “those [he] could hurt them, even unintentionally”. Nevertheless, the investigations of the federal agency resulted in the cancellation of the release of his last album, Big Colors .

the allegations against the singer to fall to the moment where the superstar of R&B R. Kelly is at the center of controversy, as he is accused of pedophilia and sexual assault. He also recently refuted bulk accusations to which he is subject. Since the handling of the case by the F. B. I., Ryan Adams has private access to his twitter account.