On the threshold of this complex trial of leaks at 36 quai des Orfèvres, involving a total of 19 defendants, the prosecution, in a rare occurrence, requested on Monday the release of the second part of the case, that of suspicions of obstruction of justice aimed in particular at the ex-boss of “36”, Bernard Petit.

The public prosecutor, on the other hand, requested prison sentences and fines in the other two aspects of the case, in particular the first, that of suspicion of influence peddling.

In this part of the file, Christophe Rocancourt and Marcel Ceccaldi are notably accused of having asked Christian Prouteau and the former Secretary of State Kofi Yamgnane to intervene, for a fee, in the regularization files of two Moroccan sisters.

The prosecution requested four years’ imprisonment, including two firm, as well as a 30,000 euro fine against Christophe Rocancourt, known for having scammed, in the 1990s, wealthy Americans under different identities.

A “shocking” sentence for his lawyer, who asked the court not to judge him “based on his legend”.

The 2,500 euros mentioned in the tapping between Christophe Rocancourt and Christian Prouteau correspond to the reimbursement of the aborted purchase of a watch, and not to a “corruption pact”, affirmed Me Jérôme Boursican.

Christophe Rocancourt is also suspected, among other things, of having made a notary, Jean-Michel Vulach, believe that a policeman – in reality imaginary – could help him, in exchange for a bribe: a ” victimless scam” since the notary denies having paid anything, swept the lawyer.

In telephone tapping as at the bar, Christophe Rocancourt “talks a lot, he puts himself on the stage a lot, he says a lot of things and often anything. Does that make a criminal offense? I don’t think so”, launched his advice.

Assuring that the famous crook has “reintegrated”, he asked for his release, or alternatively, a moderate sentence for “shabby facts”.

– “Smoke screen” –

“A watch, a cursed watch. It all starts in this file for Christian Prouteau and everything must end with this watch”, began the lawyer for the former Élysée policeman, against whom two years in prison, including one closed, and a fine of 40,000 euros was requested.

Lambasting “unheard of assumptions” and “smokescreen”, Me Caroline Toby maintained that Mr. Prouteau had only received the “reimbursement” of the money advanced for a Breguet watch, which he had to buy from Mr. Rocancourt but never received.

In no case was it a remuneration for his intervention for the Moroccan sisters, which this “good man” actually carried out but “for free”, to “do a service”, said the lawyer, invoking the ” chronology” and the “concordant” statements of the protagonists.

Against Marcel Ceccaldi, the prosecution requested three years’ imprisonment, two of which were firm, a fine of 50,000 euros and a permanent ban on practicing.

“Astronomical requisitions”, castigated his adviser Me Thierry Herzog, recalling that the lawyer, at 76, had 51 years of bar and a clean record.

“The one I defend acted in complete transparency”, pleaded Me Herzog, arguing that the handing over of 3,000 euros to Kofi Yamgnane by one of the Moroccan sisters was in reality aimed at financing a future campaign of the politician. .

Me Ceccaldi is also suspected of having received 5,000 euros from the money paid by the notary Jean-Michel Vulach: this sum has “never been found” and Christophe Rocancourt, who for a time declared having paid this money, is forfeited to the bar, argued the lawyer.

No proof either according to Me Herzog concerning his supposed business relationship with the famous scammer: the 90,000 euros promised in a telephone tapping were not transferred and the two clients brought by Mr. Rocancourt never complained of having been “overcharged”.

“I ask you to relax him purely and simply,” concluded Me Herzog.

Oral arguments continue on Wednesday.