Sverdlovsk environmentalists are concerned about the expansion of forest destruction near quarries UMMC

Sverdlovsk environmentalists complained about the increasing loss of forests near fields UMMC in the North of the region. On the website of the movement “Live Semur” provides images from space, which show that the area of forest destruction in may increased compared with August last year. Environmentalists have already visited the Olkhovka river and noticed that the “dead zone” in the floodplain has expanded and has lost the last green. “It seems that the “zone of death” the forest has become more and more homogeneous in the floodplain in the past year and some of tussock grasses was trying to turn green, now it is not noticeable. Grass, shrubs, undergrowth, underbrush, Mature trees — without leaves,” they say. In the movement hope for the revitalization of the working group, which was established last winter after negotiations, the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvasheva.

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