Sverdlovsk regional court has appointed to the detainee compensation for the conditions of administrative arrest

Sverdlovsk regional court awarded compensation to the civil activist Viktor Baldin for the conditions of detention in administrative detention. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the representative of the activist in court Sergei Tiunov, the court sentenced the prisoner compensation in 11 thousand.

Baldin was detained by police in October 2019. The occasion was an old publication in a Facebook dedicated to public organizations, recognized as extremist. It was a criminal case under part 1 of article 20.3 of the administrative code (propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations). The activist filed an application to hold a procession, and, as noted Tiunov, administrative detention disrupted this event.

After serving a few days under arrest, Baldin filed lawsuits against the interior Ministry and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Among the violations of his rights activist pointed out that the term of his arrest was calculated from the moment of placement in the detention center, and not from the moment of detention, so he stayed under arrest of nine “extra” hours. Baldin also complained about the conditions of detention in IVS: the camera keeps the lights were on, the toilet had “privacy”, the table and chairs were small, and from prisoners every day required to undress for the search.

Leninsky district court of Yekaterinburg found the claim justified and appointed Victor Baldinu compensation for moral damages of 3 million roubles and expenses for court representative in 4 thousand. This amount is the activist was not satisfied and he appealed. On Wednesday the regional court increased the compensation of moral damage to the 5 thousand, and costs up to 6 thousand.

Sergei Tiunov stressed that the amount of compensation his client is not satisfied and he filed a complaint with the European court of human rights. “The complaint was filed on the illegality of the arrest and conditions of detention”, — said the representative.

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