Tino Rossi of course, but also the king of the rock in person Elvis Presley have sung silent night . The Christmas song has survived the ages has been interpreted in all languages and on all continents. But it is in Austria, where he was born in December 1818, that this year the festival celebrates its two centuries of existence.

The highlight of this beautiful anniversary will be Christmas eve when the melody Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht to be intoned by the faithful, and perhaps around the chapel in the village of Oberndorf near Salzburg. This is where, on December 24, 1818, that resounded for the first time what would become an anthem of the year-end holiday season. A church stood then in the place of the chapel.

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“We expect this year about 6,000 people for the vigil of Christmas against 3000 to 4000 usually”, indicated to the AFP Clemens Konrad, director of the office of local tourism. Oberndorf, as the entire region of Salzburg, where are other sites dedicated to the saga of silent night , has multiplied in recent months the events related to this anniversary for which an invitation to the pope had even been launched.

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The author of the text, the priest austrian Joseph Mohr, was far from imagining such a seed for this song soothing written when Europe had just come out of the napoleonic wars. It is the teacher Franz Xaver Gruber, also an organist at the church of Oberndorf, who composed the melody accompanying the six stanzas. silent night is formally included in the directory of the parish of Salzburg in 1866 before being known beyond the austrian Alps by mouth-to-ear.

silent night translated into 300 languages

An organ tyrolean, Carl Mauracher, who came to repair instruments in the region, going to be the first, released this song from his cradle in the popularizing in his valley home, a hundred kilometers from here. It is then integrated with the tour of song of two groups, the tyrolean, “Strasser Siblings” and “Rainer Singers, and vocal ensembles in traditional costume acclaimed throughout Europe in the Nineteenth century, and even in the United States.

the first English versions of the text ( Silent Night are identified as early as the middle of the Nineteenth century. Since then, Stille Nacht has been translated into nearly 300 languages and dialects, including peddled around the world by christian missionaries. Countless stars, from Elvis Presley to Celine Dion, and up to the puppets in the Muppet Show, have sung Stille Nacht, which was also, sacrilege, tortured by a German metal band and even a choir of goats.

Le Figaro , as to him, a few hours of Christmas wants to honor the beauty of this song is now bicentennial by offering interpretations of some of the biggest stars of the song international and French: from Elvis Presley to Tino Rossi passing by Luis Mariano, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, miscellany.

Elvis Presley sings Silent Night, Holy Night

Tino Rossi sings silent night

Luis Mariano sings silent night

Celine Dion sings silent night

Mariah Carey sings Silent Night