Switzerland in the pandemic opened borders to citizens of Russia

Switzerland and Russia in two weeks, from August 15, will restore air service. Flights taking into account the epidemiological situation in the world will be rather seldom — once a week, said in the situation room.

In turn, the Swiss Embassy in Moscow explained that the coming need to go through quarantine coronavirus in length in 10 days. The first case in the country allow having a residence permit.

“the Entry of tourists from Russia is closed” — leads TASS words of the diplomats.

Since August 1 is open and the Russian border with Abkhazia, there, according to some reports, have already arrived the first tourists.

it was reported that Russia may already Aug 11, allow air communication with all countries. While the Russians are in Turkey, Britain and Tanzania. In the EU, the Russians, unlike the citizens of the several States, not yet — his country believe that is too great a threat to have a “crown” of Russia.