It turns out, there’s a bit of wiggle room when it comes to a”second tote” on Southwest Airlines.

Sydney Fowls, 19, from Columbus, Ohio, analyzed that concept last month when she checked a pool noodle on her trip to Florida.

She published a video of her pool noodle’s airplane adventure on TikTok, which has since been viewed over 10.9 million times.

The clip starts by revealing Fowls handing her suitcase and gloomy pool noodle around to a Southwest worker who was taking checked bags.

The clip then shows the pool toy being placed on the belt by 2 Southwest workers who were loading other luggage and suitcases onto the plane.

The two employees seem confused by the odd item that they loaded on the airplane.

The clip ends by revealing the noodle in baggage claim, riding around the carousel.

At first, she said no, but if they offered her $20 to do it, she agreed.

However, she was surprised that Southwest enabled her to do it.

“At first I was like, Southwest is not going to let me check this, they are likely to say, take it on with you,” she told the channel.

Nevertheless, they did.

In a follow-up video posted on TikTok a few days after, Fowls gave her”top 3 reasons” why she decided to check the toy.

Her top reason, as stated by the clipwas that she was awarded $20 for performing it.

“It had been a $20 bet!!” Fowls wrote at the clip. “As a broke college student who is an education major… I just couldn’t resist.”

Over an image of the Southwest Airlines’ luggage policy website , Fowls explained her second motive for checking the noodle.

“I DID NOT have to pay to deliver my noodle,” she wrote. “2 bags fly (My noodle was considered my second luggage ).”

Her third and last reason was also money-related, albeit a joke.