“It is not necessary to expect that people are no longer there to tell them that we love them”. The public has understood the message of Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes film Festival, the directing to provide a warm welcome to Sylvester Stallone, a special guest of this 72nd edition. The”Italian stallion” gets a standing-ovation upon his arrival in the salle Debussy on Friday afternoon. As Delon (who, himself, was in the Buñuel, smaller), the american actor, came to give a master class before the presentation, the same evening, a restored copy of Rambo: First Blood and to unveil the first images from the fifth installment of the saga.

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cowboy Boots, shirt lumberjack, sunglasses… The”expendable” like a veteran. At 72 years, the Festival de Cannes has finally decided to make a tribute to this warrior of the seventh item In the fifty-year career, he has played the big guys in around sixty films have become iconic: the saga of Rambo , Demolition Man , Cobra … An image of castagneur hothead that he gladly accepts. “There is no doubt that I am associated to a certain kind of film,” he says. But I’m glad to be where I am. There are things for which I am not done. I will be unable to play a lawyer, for example.”

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“there are things for which I am not done. I will be unable to play a lawyer, for example,”

Sylvester Stallone

His field of predilection, it is found in the action films boosted. Between the blood, the sweat, and the brawls. And to distribute torgnoles, on the screen or in life, Stallone has always been worthy opponents. To begin with Dolf Lundgren ( Rocky IV ) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (his main competitor for the Oscar of the biggest biscotos in Hollywood in the 1980s and 1990s). “I hated it, because he was perfect”, he explains about the first. “We hated them, but now we are friends,” he adds about the second. Everyone needs an enemy for the competition. If I hadn’t had, I created myself…”

Stallone is a brawler. The man who presents himself on the stage of the salle Debussy, a showman with a penchant for self-deprecating humor. To the american one. “I had surgery 30 times, I’m bionic,” says he, reflecting on her career of choice “idiots” and “very many” bad ideas for a scenario. In order to grow in life, we must know how to laugh at itself. And accept failure. It makes “smart,” explains Stallone. The actor has had a difficult beginning: according to the legend, he would have shot in the famous erotic film The Italian Stallion (1970) for $ 200 only.

life is a combat sport Sylvester Stallone in the first images of the “Rambo V: Last Blood”. Metropolitan FilmExport

glory comes in 1976 with the boxer Rocky Balboa, a character that he imagined in a scenario that he has written himself. “On paper, it was the failure warranted recalls the actor. An actor unknown, a subject that nobody cares about. But something has happened.” How do you explain the success of the film? Its universal theme, according to Stallone. “There is the story of a man isolated who was reborn thanks to an encounter with a woman,” he says. Rocky is a boxer, but he could be a baker or a mechanic”.

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The metaphor is not innocent. For Stallone, the life is a combat sport. Unlike her character of Cop Land – manhandled by Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel – actor is not the type to let it go. “If it had been my film, I would have dézingués before the end of the first act”, lance-t-it at the address of its partners on the screen. Its currency? “Never stop banging. Bump Until you can’t raise your arms”.

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In Rambo V which is scheduled to release in September, the actor promises a work can no longer “stallonienne”: “Rambo is living a secluded life in a subterranean space of his ranch with the guilt of the survivor”. A film about the syndrome of post-traumatic stress disorder? It is wrong understanding of the animal. “It’s going to be a bunch of people who are going to be kick ass in this movie”. One would expect no less than Sylvester.