Rocky Balboa is going to come back on our screens. It is, in any case, said its creator, Sylvester Stallone, in an interview to the magazine Variety . After Creed II , the boxer from Philadelphia gave the impression to draw his reverence to shine Adonis Creed, his protégé. It was without counting on his interpreter. “There are big chances that Rocky back in the ring”. The director of ’the Expendables has even the beginning of the scenario in mind. “He would meet a young boy, an immigrant who is stuck in the USA after going to see his sister. Rocky part of his life, an incredible adventure begins and they are on their way to the southern border. It is a film that is very, very current.”

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The public should not delay to hear about the feature film we are to believe the producer of the saga Irwin Winkler. “We are very advanced on this point (…) negotiations are underway to convince Sly to write and play the main role of the film”.

In parallel to this film project, a series on the origins of the boxer would also be in the cards. Probably broadcast on a streaming platform, it will focus on the life of the Italian stallion prior to the start of the first film. No other information has been unveiled for the time being.

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A single person

The role of Rocky Balboa has brought laurels to Sylvester Stallone. Unknown to the output of the first opus, the actor was propelled to the rank of a hollywood star at its output. Just like Rocky after his fight with Creed. Between the money problems, the fame, the descent into the underworld and then the recognition of a medium, and the saga resonates strangely with the life of the actor. The release, in September next, of Rambo: Last Blood seems to confirm the difficulties of the actor to abandon the characters that have forged its legend.