Syria was given three months to resolve problems with the chemical weapons and threatened consequences.

Syria for 90 days to resolve all issues related to chemical weapons. Otherwise the country will face the consequences, said the press service of the OPCW.

#OPCW Executive Council Adopts Decision Addressing the Possession and Use of Chemical Weapons by the Syrian Arab Republic

— OPCW (@OPCW) July 9, 2020

the organization’s Executive Board by vote, adopted the relevant decision. In particular, Syria must “declare to the Secretariat of the factories where chemical weapons have been designed, manufactured and stored,” “to declare the current presence of chemical weapons, including sarin, sarin precursors, chlorine”. After 100 days, the Director-General of the OPCW will report on how did Syria these requirements.

If within 90 days they are not met, the Director General would report thereon at all regular sessions of the Executive Board.

earlier, the task force investigation came to the conclusion that Syria in March 2017 is probably used chemical weapons in al-Latamne. In Syria said that the report of the OPCW contains fake and fabricated conclusions.

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