Taimyr regional Museum has successfully mastered the online format

the Taimyr regional Museum (TCM) has successfully switched to the operation mode in the online and continues to conduct Museum lessons dedicated to the life and history of indigenous peoples of the Russian North with the help of new technologies. With the beginning of the pandemic the Museum in Dudinka transformed into the format the remote implementation of the projects, but this only increased the attention to his activities on the part of the inhabitants of the Taimyr Peninsula.

the Museum lesson “the City of Dudinka — the capital of Taimyr”, held on 2 July, was the second in the whole complex of educational programs and focused on the role of Dudinka in the development of the Taimyr Autonomous district. The city itself has more than three hundred years history of the formation of a large administrative centre of a small shopping village and that is what everyone was told by the Museum staff. Earlier, in the first lesson of the Museum, site visitors of the Museum can also listen to a fascinating lecture on the traditional dwelling of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr.

the Taimyr local history Museum in Dudinka there since 1937, but active to the beginning of the XXI century. The main partners of the Museum were mining and metallurgical company “Norilsk Nickel” and the charity Fund of Vladimir Potanin. In partnership with BMT has started the implementation of several historical and cultural programs, and in 2009 opened a new unique building in the centre of Dudinka created on an individual project.

currently the Museum is not only a historical but also a cultural and leisure centre, performances, contests and exhibitions, celebrated nationwide and ethnic holidays. All these activities of TCM successfully moved online and continues to study and publication of information about the past of Taymyr.

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